Containerparken is an entrance free meeting place for co-creation, innovation, food, experience and creativity. A free zone for entrepreneurs, creators and the local power. A unique experience with a cool atmosphere that curiously shows on actual change and how it could work. It is a visually prominent attractive destination, produced from a sustainable perspective with recycled materials that creates attention and buzz. Here the visitors meet:

Food and drink
Restaurants and bars focus on plant-based food, providing tastes from all over the world. Collaborating with carefully selected local, organic and KRAV-certified alternatives. Containerparken offers an experience of delicious food that furthers the health of human beings and of our planet.



Containerparken is implementing what everyone is talking about – circular consumption, as we go from being consumers to being circulent users of resources and assets, promoting pre-loved instead of new, repaired instead of discarded in a circular meeting place.



We provide the opportunity for stakeholders to showcase examples of actual transformation and change, innovations, new opportunities, and ways to reach common, needed goals, working together.


Art has the power to provide a focal point for people and create the foundations for encounters, conversations and inspiration. Art is a force uniting diverse areas of the venue, both physically and via programming activities.



Fully equipped entertainment containers including stages and audience seating facilities constitute the pulsating, independent cultural oasis for music, performance, dialogue, and film. This is culture as part of everyday life, available to everybody, regardless of cultural and financial capital.


Participation of children and youth

Containerparken houses a pop-up youth club within the compound. An edgy, urban venue for children and young people. An inclusive place bridging generations and facilitating encounters. The most exciting and vital youth recreation center in Sweden.



Working together, local farm shops and market gardens create a unique marketplace for food and other produce.