All over Europe, container parks have become a common feature of the urban scene as well as popular destinations for residents and tourists alike. They have emerged as modern venues, becoming focal points for cultural activities, cafés, restaurants, farm shops and retail stores in locations on permanent or temporary basis. We are bringing this phenomenon to Sweden with the ambition to create attractive sustainable developments which benefit the local community as well as entertaining and inspiring them and those who visit.

Containerparken (The Container Park) is an entrance free venue devoted to co-creativity, innovation, food, experiences and development. A free zone for entrepreneurs, designers and local talent. We are witnessing the emergence of a new form of joyful activism, a location taking the lead in demonstrating what real change can look like, now and in the future; a testing place for new ideas for a sustainable future in the real world; a temporary solution with long-term sustainability; a scene of - and for - joy, inspiration and celebration.

  • A venue for everyone on equal terms without entrance fees, age limits or hidden costs.
  • Pioneering in the development of attractive, sustainable venues.
  • Visually prominent, attention-grabbing in its construction, creating a “buzz”.
  • A unique experience in a safe, democratic and supportive atmosphere.
  • A temporary solution with long-term sustainability.
  • Part of a European and global trend.

The Kruttornet | Containerparken Visby is the pilot project, providing a circular venue for food, drink, art, culture, and innovation, based on principles of sustainability and minimal environmental impact during Almedalsveckan (The Almedal Week). Almedalsveckan is the world's largest democratic meeting place and takes place annually in Visby on Gotland, Sweden. Kruttornet | Containerparken Visby is the epicenter for sustainability issues during the week attracting politicians from all parties, decision-makers, lobbyists, business people, the media, and ordinary citizens, for a high-profile but informal week full of dialogue, debate, learning and transformative potential.