Collaboration is key to a sustainable future. The issue of sustainability consists of many parts, e.g. energy transformation, city construction, digitalization, health, wellbeing, climate shift, democracy and culture. Containerparken provides an entertaining entry point to these issues, with the various cultural manifestations functioning as tools to bring people together and create the critical mass needed for change to occur.

In a short period of time, Containerparken transforms an area from being viewed as having great potential to actually becoming the most innovative place for visionaries and entrepreneurs with circular agendas. By paying attention to detail in all aspects of its operations, Containerparken is committed to continue boosting activities in the locality and attracting people to the area in a credible, responsible manner. Containerparken is timely and in line with global goals of sustainable development. It is a testing ground for global adjustment, a circular venue where people can meet and eat, create, explore, experience, and socialise. It serves as a place for sustainable locality development, for entrepreneurs and consumers alike, reinforcing the attractiveness of the area as a number one place for both locals and travelers to visit.